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v the revision of all lessons updated to 21st century standards, including a TechConnect technology component embedded in each lesson v a new chapter on assessment and data use v the inclusion of lessons on emergent pedagogy and additional information on the following topics: the global learner; culturally responsive teaching; professional learning communities (PLCs) and professional study groups (PSGs); school, family, and community partners and stakeholders; data- driven instruction; increasing technologies; and education advocacy v more authentic tasks and assessments to help Teacher Cadets see the “big picture” and bridge the emphasis on real world applicability v an updated resources section that includes a host of suggestions for print and electronic media For the Eleventh Edition of Experiencing Education, Marcella Wine-Snyder and Angi Brush led the team of writers: Angi Brush, M.Ed., NBCT West Ashley High School Anne Ledford, M.A.T. Fort Mill High School Carol Jackson, M.Ed., NBCT Dutch Fork High School Lisa Sanderson, M.Ed. Lakewood High School Erin Larsen, M.A.T. Timberland High School Rona Neely, M.Ed., NBCT CERRA-SC Mary Mason, B.S. Wagener-Salley High School Carol Weaver, M.A. Rock Hill High School Karen Moyd, M.A. Wade Hampton High School Marcella Wine-Snyder, Ed.S., NBCT CERRA-SC It is our hope at CERRA that this revised edition of Experiencing Education and the Teacher Cadet Program continue to be utilized and implemented as a national model for pre-collegiate curricula for teacher preparation. We look forward to its statewide and national impact and invite you to share your successes with us! July 2017 iii