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Curriculum Guide for the Teacher Cadet Course: Experiencing Education, Eleventh Edition VI. Stay Active Throughout the Field Experience v It is extremely important for Teacher Cadet instructors to maintain a high profile in schools where Cadets are placed for their field experiences. Instructors will want to “drop by” the first week or two for a brief and usually unscheduled visit just to see if there are any issues to be addressed. When the Cadets start presenting planned lessons, the instructor needs to return for a more formal (summative) observation and written feedback. v Leave a list in your high school’s front office, stating the schools, Cooperating Teachers, and times Teacher Cadets will be out in the field classrooms. If Teacher Cadets need to be contacted (especially in cases of emergencies), the high school must know where the Cadets are and how to get in touch with them. Also leave a list in the front office of each cooperating school, stating where Cadets are placed in case someone needs to find a Cadet quickly. v TC instructors should provide for his/her high school, a daily list of times and places where he/she will be when observing the Cadets; this information is especially important in times of emergencies. TC instructors are also reminded to sign in and out in the front offices of schools that they visit and wear a visitor’s nametag, if required. v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Materials: Form: “Field Experience Preference Form for Placement” Mission Statements: “CERRA Mission Statement and Teacher Cadet Mission Statement” Letter: “Guidelines for the Cooperating Teacher” Letter: “Request to Schedule Full Day with Cooperating Teacher” Memo: “Confirmation Memo to Cooperating Teacher’s Principal” Form: “Contact Sheet from Teacher Cadet to Cooperating Teacher” Form: “Contact Sheet from Cooperating Teacher to Teacher Cadet” Letter: “Teacher Cadet Letter of Introduction to Cooperating Teacher” Form: “Teacher Cadet Attendance Record” Handout: “Lesson Plan” Handout: “Guidelines for Teacher Cadets During Field Experience” Forms: “Lesson Evaluation A, B, C, D” Form: “Evaluation of Teacher Cadet by Cooperating Teacher” Form: “Teacher Cadet Weekly Summary Sheet” Handout: “Field Experience Portfolio Requirements” Handout: “Field Experience Portfolio Evaluation” Certificate: “Certificate of Appreciation Awarded to Cooperating Teacher” Assessment: 1. Required: Students will complete a portfolio based on their Field Experience. This product will receive a major grade or equivalent of an exam grade. 2. Options: Instructors may choose one or more of the following assessments: a. Students will complete daily or weekly journals and/or the Teacher Cadet Weekly Summary Sheet b. Students will complete a minimum of two lesson plans and self-evaluations of lesson plans. 396