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Curriculum Guide for the Teacher Cadet Course: Experiencing Education, Eleventh Edition B. Providing Information for Cooperating Teachers Create folders for teachers and Include in the packet/folder of information: CERRA Mission Statement and Teacher Cadet Mission Statement Guidelines for the Cooperating Teacher Request to Schedule Full Day with Cooperating Teacher Contact Sheet from Teacher Cadet to Cooperating Teacher Contact Sheet from Cooperating Teacher to Teacher Cadet Teacher Cadet Letter of Introduction to Cooperating Teacher Field Experience Attendance Record (returned to TC instructor at end of FE or included in portfolio) v Lesson Evaluation(s) – There are four forms included in the forms section. You may choose one to be used, or you may give the Cooperating Teacher all four and let her choose. v Evaluation of Teacher Cadet by Cooperating Teacher (two copies to be completed during the Field Experience on dates designated by the instructor) v Certificate of Appreciation – You may decide to hold this and award it at an appreciation banquet or send it with a small gift at the end of Field Experience. Some districts recognize these teachers at a Board meeting and award the certificates at that time. v v v v v v v C. Providing Information for Principals v CERRA Mission Statement and Teacher Cadet Mission Statement v Confirmation Memo to Cooperating Teacher’s Principal (Completed by the Teacher Cadet instructor) V. Communicating During the Field Experience Regular communication is necessary for a successful transition from your classroom to the Cooperating Teacher’s classroom. The following is a list of topics you may want to cover as you count-down to Field Experience and go through the first few weeks: v It’s A Match! – Tell the teachers the name of the Teacher Cadet and give details about when field experience will start. Encourage them to be ready to provide information for Cadets about such things as where to park, how to get to the classroom, how to sign in, what to wear, etc. v Countdown to FE – Consider using a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) format to include more information in a reader-friendly format. At this point, teachers will want to know things such as how long the Cadet will stay, can the Cadet go on field trips with the class, what to do if the teacher is going to be absent, etc. v First Week Complete – Touch base with your CT’s to make sure all is going well. Tell them how excited the Cadets are and how much they love the children already. Answer any questions you’ve gotten, and remind the teachers of the types of things Cadets should begin to do soon (see list in FE Guidelines). v Evaluations and Grading – Teachers will probably need to be reminded that they will be asked to evaluate the Teacher Cadet’s performance, as well as evaluating lessons they teach. Give them timelines and deadlines when you need these forms, and make sure you ask for them several days before you actually need them. Many teachers are creating digital forms that are easy to share and submit, but remind teachers to print copies to share with the Cadets for their portfolio. 395