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Curriculum Guide for the Teacher Cadet Course: Experiencing Education, Eleventh Edition experience had. Best of all, if there is a faculty member at the school who once WAS a Teacher Cadet, ask him/her to talk briefly about the role it played in his/her journey to his/her own classroom. 3. Decide how you want to gather information for teachers who are willing to host a Teacher Cadet. Keep in mind that you will need answers to these questions for a successful placement: v What are you teaching during the time of the Teacher Cadet class? (Make sure the teacher does not have planning or special areas during that time. You want your Cadets to experience regular instruction.) v Will you also have a student teacher from a college? (Try to avoid this if you can. There is only so much opportunity for practice teaching, and the college student will be given priority.) III. Preparing Everyone for Field Experience A. Teacher Cadets usually report to their Cooperating Teachers on designated dates during the time frame in which their Cadet class is scheduled to meet. However, some Cadets report to the classrooms of their Cooperating Teachers during another time when they are free (e.g., study hall, early release time). Check your school district’s policy on allowing students to drive off campus, and make sure you obtain all necessary information and forms before the beginning of Field Experience. (The transportation form is included in forms section; check your district for additional required student driving forms.) Because Teacher Cadet instructors must be available to observe Cadets, the Field Experience should take place during the regular class time. B. Make initial contact with Cooperating Teachers through a letter, email, telephone call, or a formal reception so they will understand their role in the Field Experience process. It is important to clarify the balance needed for the duties of the Teacher Cadets. They are not to have the full load and responsibilities typical of that of a student teacher or teaching intern; however, the Teacher Cadets will need to be given some leadership roles and opportunities to teach. IV. Make Information Packets for Students, Teachers, and Principals A. Providing Information to the Teacher Cadet Create folders for teachers and Include in the packet/folder of information: v v v v v v v v Guidelines for the Cooperating Teacher (for reference about duties) Guidelines for Teacher Cadets During Field Experience Lesson Plan (3 copies) Lesson Evaluation A, B, C, and/or D Self-Evaluation of Lesson Plan Taught (3 copies) Teacher Cadet Weekly Summary sheet (optional) Field Experience Portfolio Requirements Field Experience Portfolio Evaluation (for reference about portfolio, which is the culminating grade for Field Experience and can be the exam grade, if so designated by the Teacher Cadet instructor) 394