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Curriculum Guide for the Teacher Cadet Course: Experiencing Education, Eleventh Edition Chapter 11: The Field Experience Standards: II.1.2: Students will evaluate positive and negative aspects of the teaching profession. II.1.3: Students will evaluate appropriate instructional objectives after analysis of developmental stages of learners. II.2.1: Students will implement developmentally appropriate learning activities for all learners in order to build confidence, knowledge, and skills. II.2.2: Students will accommodate major physical, social, and personal challenges that can impede successful learning. II.2.3: Students will apply knowledge of learning styles, multiple intelligences, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, brain-based strategies for learning, and classroom management to instruction and assessment. II.2.4: Students will design and deliver an effective lesson in a classroom setting that differentiates instruction to accommodate all learners. II.2.5: Students will apply the components of effective classroom climate, management, and discipline. II.2.6: Students will describe, analyze, and reflect on their teaching practices and field experiences. III.1.2: Students will evaluate various educational philosophies and begin developing their own personal philosophy of education. Objective: Students will apply the knowledge they have gained from the Teacher Cadet course in a real- world situation by observing, assisting, and teaching in a real classroom. Essential Question: How can students combine all that they have learned about the learner, the school, the teacher, and the art of teaching to assist a model/master teacher in his/her classroom? Note: This unit is a “starter packet” designed to offer suggestions, ideas, and handouts for the Teacher Cadets’ field experience. Please feel free to make changes to accommodate your students or your program’s needs. Time for Field Experience: Traditional schedule: 18-24 days Block schedule (A/B or Semester): 11-18 days Activities: Things to Do (See section matching each of the tasks below for details): I. II. III. IV. V. VI. Plan the Field Experience calendar. Find placements for all of your Teacher Cadets. Prepare everyone for the Field Experience. Make information packets for Cadets, teachers, and principals. Communicate clearly all expectations for the Field Experience. Stay active throughout the Field Experience. 392