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Curriculum Guide for the Teacher Cadet Course: Experiencing Education, Eleventh Edition Chapter 6: Being a Teacher Hollywood Style Standards: Dependent upon movie selected II.1.4: Students will distinguish between effective and ineffective methodologies and teaching strategies and traits in various educational settings. II.1.5: Students will analyze ways in which a teacher’s personality impacts instructional style and interaction. III.2.1: Students will compare and contrast the various types of schooling. Objective: Students will be able to identify challenging teaching situations and creative teaching strategies via drama. Essential Question: What can be learned about teaching by viewing movies set in the classroom? Note: The response forms provide choices for either the teacher, the students, or both. Time: 120 minutes Activity: From time to time, the use of movies can enrich the curriculum by reinforcing classroom activities and/or providing topics for discussion, if appropriate follow-up activities are utilized. The following list is not intended to be complete, nor should teachers feel that they must show any of these movies. Also, you may find it more useful (time wise, to reinforce a point) to show only a scene or two from one of the movies. Some teachers may find it useful to offer one or more titles as an optional assignment for interested students, or they can be viewed as homework for contract points. Akeelah and the Bee The Karate Kid (2010) Blackboard Jungle Lean on Me Breakfast Club Lessons of the Heart Charly Like Stars on Earth (Taare Za-Meen Par) Conrack Little Man Tate The Corn is Green Man Without a Face Dangerous Minds Miracle Worker Dead Poet’s Society Mona Lisa Smile The Emperor’s Club Mr. Holland’s Opus Finding Forrester Music of the Heart Freedom Writers Radio Front of the Class Remember the Titans Good Morning, Miss Dove Ruby Bridges (1998) Good Morning, Ms. Tolliver The Renaissance Man Good Will Hunting The Ron Clark Story The History Club Stand and Deliver I Am a Promise: The Children of To Sir with Love Scranton Elementary School Up the Down Staircase I Am Malala The Water is Wide 259