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Curriculum Guide for the Teacher Cadet Course: Experiencing Education, Eleventh Edition Chapter 1: All About Me Standards: I.1.1: Students will analyze their strengths and areas for improvement as learners. I.1.2: Students will evaluate themselves as diverse individuals, learners, and community members. I.1.3: Students will determine how diversity enhances the classroom and the community. Objective: Students will be able to self-explore and examine personal characteristics and values. Essential Question: Who am I? Note: The instructor should choose one of the four options within this lesson. The instructor may choose to do more options if time permits. Time: Option One: 45 minutes Option Two: 45 minutes Option Three: 45 minutes Option Four: Each student will need a minimum of five minutes. Double the presentation time to know how much time will be needed for video viewing. Activities: Option One: Me from All Angles Poster/Picture Display 1. Display about ten or fifteen posters or pictures in your classroom. Try to include a diversity of people, places, activities, races, genders, ages, and interests. Number the visuals consecutively. 2. Tell the students to examine and interpret the pictures to identify characteristics of themselves. Allow them to walk around the room to examine the visuals and complete the handout, “’Me from All Angles’ Picture Display.” When viewing the pictures, each student will select a picture that portrays his (a) real self, (b) secret self and (c) never self. 3. Ask each student to explain his choices (either some or all) to the class. 4. If time permits, students can use the same posters/pictures and questions in relation to a favorite teacher. Tri-Fold Mobile An alternative to this activity is to ask students to create a tri-fold mobile as a homework assignment. They will follow the instructions on the handout to create a three-sided mobile that illustrates the three facets of themselves: (a) real self, (b) secret self, and (c) never self. Then have each student share his/her tri-fold mobile and rationale for his choices of photos. 70