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Contact Information :
Mailing Address :
Physical Address :
Stewart House at Winthrop University
525 Eden Terrace
Rock Hill , South Carolina 29733
Rock Hill , South Carolina 29733
Phone : 803-323-4032 Fax : 803-323-4033
CERRA Staff : CERRA ’ s Pre-Collegiate staff consists of a Director of Pre-Collegiate Programs , a Program Specialist , and a Program Facilitators for each of CERRA ’ s five regions . Contact information for each can be found on the Teacher Cadet Program ’ s website at www . teachercadets . com .
Program Facilitators : To assist the instructors leading our Pre-Collegiate Programs , CERRA ' s Program Facilitators are strategically located across the state to assist in each of the five regions . Program Facilitators are accomplished educators who oversee the Pre-Collegiate Programs in their region and are available to provide instructors and sites with the assistance they need . They visit classrooms , work with students , answer questions , help solve problems , and support efforts to ensure pre-collegiate programs are successful in each school . Take a look at CERRA ' s Regional Map to determine the Program Facilitator assigned to each region . Contact information ( email and phone numbers ) for each Program Facilitator may be found at https :// www . teachercadets . com / program-facilitators . html .
The Program Facilitator ’ s role may vary according to each site ’ s needs . Below is a list of ways the Program Facilitator may be beneficial to your program :
1 .
Make class visits
2 .
Present College Financial Newsletter ( CFN ) information to your Teacher Cadets
3 .
Promote the Teaching Fellows Program
4 .
Be available by phone and e-mail to answer questions
5 .
Assist College Partners ( e . g ., college campus visit )
6 .
Convey concerns to the Director of Pre-Collegiate Programs at CERRA
7 .
Assist with the planning , preparation , and facilitation of the Fall Renewal Conference
8 .
Share great news about sites
9 .
Meet with principals and guidance counselors to promote programs
10 .
Teach lessons ( as requested ( and if time permits )
11 .
Assist with recruitment
12 .
Attend receptions and award ceremonies
13 .
Observe one of your Teacher Cadets in the field
14 .
Arrange for guest speakers to visit classes
15 .
Analyze post-survey data to provide additional support to target sites
CERRA INFORMATION Contact Information: Mailing Address: CERRA Stewart House at Winthrop University Rock Hill, South Carolina 29733 Physical Address: CERRA 525 Eden Terrace Rock Hill, South Carolina 29733 Phone: 803-323-4032 Fax: 803-323-4033 CERRA Staff: CERRA’s Pre-Collegiate staff consists of a Director of Pre-Collegiate Programs, a Progr )MаAɽɅхѽ́ȁ IIéٔɕ̸ хЁɵѥ)չѡQȁ ЁAɽɅéݕͥєЁܹѕɍ̹)AɽɅхѽ)QͥЁѡՍѽ́ȁAɔ єAɽɅ̰ IÍAɽɅхѽ)ɔɅѕ䁱ѕɽ́ѡхєѼͥЁѡٔɕ̸AɽɅ)хѽ́ɔ͡Սѽ́ݡٕ͕ѡAɔ єAɽɅ́ѡ)ɕɔمѼɽ٥Սѽ́ͥѕ́ݥѠѡͥхѡ䁹Q)٥ͥЁɽ̰ݽɬݥѠՑ̰ݕȁՕѥ̰ͽٔɽ̰)́ѼɔɔєɽɅ́ɔՍ͙հ͍Q) IÍI5ѼѕɵѡAɽɅхѽȁͥѼɕ х)ɵѥյ̤ȁAɽɅхѽȁ䁉չ)輽ܹѕɍ̹ɽɅхѽ̹ѵ)QAɽɅхѽˊéɽم䁅ɑѼͥїé̸ ܁́Ё݅)ѡAɽɅхѽȁ䁉ѼȁɽɅ(ĸ(ȸ(̸(и(Ը(ظ(ܸ((((ĸ(ȸ(̸(и(Ը)5́٥ͥ)Aɕ͕Ё 9ͱѕȀ 8ɵѥѼȁQȁ )AɽєѡQ́AɽɅ) مѼݕȁՕѥ)ͥЁ Aѹ̀́٥ͥФ) ٕ䁍ɹ́ѼѡɕѽȁAɔ єAɽɅ́Ё II)ͥЁݥѠѡɕɅѥхѥѡI݅ ɕ)MɔɕЁ́Ёͥѕ)5ЁݥѠɥ́եչ͕́ѼɽєɽɅ)Qͽ̀́ɕՕѕѥɵ̤)ͥЁݥѠɕեѵ)ѕɕѥ́݅ɐɕ)=͕ٔȁQȁ ́ѡ)ɅȁՕЁ́Ѽ٥ͥЁ͕)锁еٕ䁑фѼɽ٥ѥЁѼхɝЁͥѕ(