Sample 11th Edition Sample 11th Edition - Page 22

Tips for Recruiting Males and Minorities 22 Recruitment Reference Sheet for Teacher Cadets 23 Teacher Cadet Application & Recommendation Forms 24 Recruitment Reminder Letter 25 Tracking Form for Teacher Cadet Applicants 26 Interview Form for Teacher Cadet Applicants 27 Composite Score Sheet for Teacher Cadet Applicants 28 Recruitment Rejection Letter: Sample A 29 Recruitment Rejection Letter: Sample B 30 Recruitment Letter of Acceptance 31 Principal’s Letter of Invitation to Parents 33 Sample Letter to Principal to Start a TC Program 34 Publicizing the Teacher Cadet Program During the Year 35 ONGOING ACTIVITIES 36 Teacher Cadet News Article Guidelines 37 Teacher Cadet News Article Evaluation 38 Teacher Cadet Educational Quotation Guidelines 39 Teacher Cadet Educational Quotation Evaluation 40 Teacher Cadet Weekly Log Guidelines 41 Teacher Cadet Weekly Log Evaluation 42 OBSERVATIONS AND SHADOWING EXPERIENCES 43 Sample Permission Letter to Observe in a School 44 Sample Thank You Letter to School After Observations 45 Form Letter to School Personnel to be Shadowed 46 GRADING AND ASSESSMENT 47 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Grading 47 Teacher Cadet Contracts 50 Teacher Cadet Guidelines for Contract Points 52 Form for Contract Work 54 3