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II.2.4: II.2.5: II.2.6: Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, brain-based strategies for learning, and classroom management to instruction and assessment. Students will design and deliver an effective lesson in a classroom setting that differentiates instruction to accommodate all learners. Students will apply the components of effective classroom climate, management, and discipline. Students will describe, analyze, and reflect on their teaching practices and field experiences. Experiencing the Teaching Profession HISTORY AND TRENDS III.1.1: Students will identify and analyze the impact of key historical educational events in the United States. III.1.2: Students will evaluate various educational philosophies and begin developing their own personal philosophy of education. STRUCTURE AND GOVERNANCE III.2.1: Students will compare and contrast the various types of schooling. III.2.2: Students will analyze the governance structure of their local, state, and national educational systems. CERTIFICATION AND EMPLOYMENT III.3.1: Students will investigate careers in education. III.3.2: Students will describe the process and structure of teacher certification. III.3.3: Students will identify the reasons for teacher shortages and the content and geographic areas that are most greatly impacted. III.3.4: Students will demonstrate effective job application and interview skills. ETHICS AND PROFESSIONALISM III.4.1: Students will analyze and interpret the current state code of educator conduct. III.4.2: Students will demonstrate how teachers can exhibit leadership as advocates and agents of change for education and their communities. III.4.3: Students will identify the services professional organizations provide for teachers. viii