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Regenerative Filmmaker :


Sami Bass is a filmmaker and ancestral medicine worker focused on bringing the ancient ceremonial elements of storytelling into the future of filmmaking .
She ' s traveled the globe to study with elders from traditions far and wide , bringing these practices to her work as a writer , producer , performer , and healer , bridging the gap between regenerative healing practices and modern media . She has been an influential voice in groundbreaking films and advocacy for years including MoviesByHer and The Redeemer .
In 2020 Sami created the docu-series Disrupting the Silence in which she facilitated conversations between non-actors , encouraging them to explore challenging conversations from race to gender identity , in front of the camera to promote a culture that tackles difficulty rather than ignoring it . Sami has also worked alongside such organizations as LevelForward ( Slave Play , Jagged Little Pill ) and The Red Sands Project on advocacy and impact , creating awareness while carving space for lesser known voices in the industry . On one of her most recent films , We Ride for Her , Sami created safe interview spaces for human-trafficking survivors and their family members by integrating her healing and trauma-informed practices to her capabilities as a producer . In 2021 Sami worked alongside Golden Globe winner , Irene Bedard , and The Sundance Institute Fellowship recipients to explore parity in indigenous storytelling .
Sami uses her skills as a healer , Black and indigenous woman , queer person , and filmmaker to weave safer spaces for the previously-voiceless while digging deep into the shadows of society , creating equality and healing for all .
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