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before I was able to hear from him , which was terrible .”
Dustin ’ s company was able to return home just before Thanksgiving . He was reunited with Brianna , with their marriage no longer a secret , and carried on with civilian life . Their first son was born two years to the day after Dustin ’ s MRAP being struck , October 7 , 2013 . His contract with the National Guard expired the following year .
Within the last two years , Dustin has become involved with the VFW ( Veterans of Foreign Wars ) Post 3302 in London , which had been in danger of losing its charter . Eager to turn the situation around , he currently serves as post commander .
“ I took an active role right from the first meeting and started trying to help where I could ,” Dustin said . “ My age of veterans are a volunteer force . The last draft was Vietnam , so anybody since then has been volunteers . That ’ s the people of age right now to be out in the community .”
The goal is not only to increase membership , which currently stands at fewer than 10 active members , but to grow the post ’ s presence in the community .
“ The London post is getting state recognition on how hard and fast this post has turned around …,” Dustin said . “ I ’ m not interested in a story about me from 11 years ago . I want to focus on what we ’ re doing now in the commu-


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Dustin Barnett holds his Purple Heart . | PHOTO BY JANIE SLAVEN

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