SAHARA Newsletter (Jan 2014) - Page 14

Kibuye Hope Hospital (KHH) originally began as an outreach of a local church in Burundi, but the hospital is now connected with Burundi’s Hope Africa University (HAU). The hospital itself is located near Gitega, the second largest city in the country. Geographically, it serves approximately one-tenth of the country and acts as the hospital of reference for twelve more rural clinics. Dr. John Cropsey and his family, along with five other medical missionary families, have recently relocated to Kibuye Hospital as part of the university’s expansion plan for the hospital. KHH receives its support minimally from patient fees as well as from several subsidies given by the Burundian government, and support from private donations and private organizations. Within the next seven years, the hospital hopes to add dental, eye, and surgical buildings, a pharmacy, emergency room, lecture hall, and library to its facilities.

(photos of Burundi are taken from Kibuye Hope Hospital's website and the McCropders' Blog "Word and Deed")

Kibuye Hope Hospital and Hope Africa University