Safety Scene Fall 2019 - Page 6

From the Manager’s Desk: Performing Arts - Don Parman, Manager of Performing Arts Programs and Services, Actsafe Safety Association The Reality of Emergenices A fter reading the fabulous articles submitted by my safety colleagues Eric Stuart and Desiree Hamilton, I was left wondering what I could offer that would add to the conversation. Then it hit me! I could give you some real world examples of emergency preparedness that would resonate with our industry. Scenario #1 A theatre in a northern BC community was hosting a symphony concert in mid-February when the fire alarm was activated halfway through the first act. Establishing it was in fact not a drill, the volunteer ushers and theatre manager dutifully executed their emergency plan, which called for the immediate evacuation of the building. They promptly guided the audience and symphony members outdoors into the -30 degrees winter weather, much to the dismay and concerns of the patrons and artists involved. - What would your team do? 4 Safety Scene Scenario #2 During a chat with a colleague of mine last year, we got onto the topic of evacuation plans. Having recently moved into new offices, they were equipped with a new evacuation plan for their new facility provided by the safety engineer for the project and approved by the municipality. It was a well written and compliant plan, though I noticed there was a potential issue with one of the muster points identified in the plan. The plan called for the office to evacuate through a fire exit onto the main concourse of a stadium complex. - What happens if the stadium and your offices have to evacuate at the same time? Scenario #3 A tour bus caught fire outside of a large urban venue during a show. The staff started their evacuation plan, only to realize that they were likely sending patrons directly into the fire zone. After some confusion and redirection, the patrons were redirected to other exits. No one was injured during the event. - How would your team react in this scenario? Fall 2019 Edition: Emergency Preparedness