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A Message From Actsafe We all know that emergencies happen; whether it is flooding, an earthquake, a chemical spill, or a fire. What we don’t know is when they will happen. Like Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” and we all need to be prepared for unexpected and serious incidents otherwise we will fail to control the damage from them. Planning for emergencies with proper checklists and procedures is definitely the starting point. It is important to test and trial these procedures and evaluate if they work by carrying out emergency drills. This quarter’s Safety Scene focuses on emergency preparedness and includes various articles from our team members and external safety experts on how our industries can best prepare themselves for unexpected incidents. a checklist for you to refer to when you are planning for emergencies. This information sheet is also available on our website so you can print and use the checklist if needed. As we all get into the festive season and year end, it is a great time to review, reflect, and revise your emergency plans so that you are better prepared in the coming year. We will see you all in the new year with another edition of Safety Scene. Stay safe! Manu Nellutla, CCPE, CPHSA. Executive Director, Actsafe Safety Association You will also find an information sheet on emergency preparedness inside which includes In this issue... 2 “We are in the entertainment business...aren’t we?” 4 From the Manager’s Desk - Performing Arts 6 ShakeOut BC 7 By The Numbers 8 Safety Tips Centerfold Workplace Emergency Preparedness Info Sheet 14 Everyone Has a Role in Earthquake Preparedness 16 From the Manager’s Desk - Motion Picture 18 Upcoming Courses and Events Calendar This newsletter may contain third party advertisements. Actsafe does not make any representations as to the accuracy of any of the information contained in these advertisements and does not endorse, recommend, or take responsibility for the conduct or content and offerings made by the third parties. Fall 2019 Edition: Emergency Preparedness Safety Scene 1