SAEVA Proceedings 2015

South African Equine Veterinary Association Congress 2015  Protea Hotel  Stellenbosch Annual South African Equine Veterinary Association Congress 2015 – South Africa: Scientific Program SUNDAY 15 February 2015 17H00: 18H00: Registration Welcoming Cocktail MONDAY 16 February 2015 07H00 – 08H00: Late registration OPENING SESSION: Deon van Tonder 08H00 – 09H00: Fluid therapy for colic - tricks that can be used in the field 09H00 10H00 10H30 11H15 11H30 – – – – – 10H00: 10H30: 11H15: 11H30: 12H00: 12H00 – 13H00: 13H00 – 14H00: SESSION TWO: 14H00 – 15H00: 15H00 – 15H30: 15H30 – 16H00: 16H00 – 17H00: 17H00 – 17H30: 17H30 – 18H00: 18H00 – 19H00: Renal failure in horses: what can we do? Introduction of Trade Tea Sponsored session Epidemiology of West Nile virus and endemic arboviruses in neurological disease in South Africa: a One Health approach Equine abdominal ultrasound Lunch Manfred Rohwer Equine Allergies: what can we do about itchy horses? The headshaking horse: investigation and management Tea Interpretation of cervical radiographs and other diagnostic imaging for equine wobbler syndrome FEI update Committee feedback AGM Hal Schott Hal Schott Marietjie Venter Rachael Conwell Annette Petersen Zoe Gratwick Richard Piercy Sheelagh Higgerty TUESDAY 17 February 2015 SESSION THREE: 07H15 – 08H00: 08H00 – 09H00: 09H00 – 10H00: 10H00 – 10H15: 10H15 – 11H00: 11H00 – 12H00: 12H00 – 13H00: 13H00 – 14H00: Bev Parker African horsesickness update The equine neurological examination Neuromuscular causes of gait deficits Sponsored session Tea Fat, foundered horses - Equine Metabolic Syndrome and Laminitis Overview of EMS/IR in horses Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction - diagnosis and treatment Lunch Sport(s) afternoon! 1 Alan Guthrie Richard Piercy Richard Piercy Hal Schott Hal Schott