Sacred Places Winter 2021 - Page 15

Nzilani crew members work within a containment unit to safely remove a window at Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco , California . Photo : Nzilani Glass Conservation
see people removing a window , then you are not protected . Although it may be a bit jarring to see scaffolding swathed in “ shrink wrap ” with zippered doors and signs stating “ DANGER — Lead Work Area ,” it ’ s for everyone ’ s safety . Lead workers are trained in wearing proper personal protective equipment ( PPE ) while safely removing the windows and cleaning the work area after they finish . As the adage goes , they “ leave the area as clean or cleaner ” than when they started .
Another myth is that short-term exposure to lead is not so bad . It ’ s not the amount of time , but the quantity of lead during exposure that is critical . Independent tests have shown that lead levels during various stages of window preservation — from removal to reinstallation — have been high enough to require Tyvek suits and full-face respirators , surprising even seasoned site industrial hygienists . Lower levels
The Nzilani crew works as a team both inside and outside with safety harness 50 feet up on scaffolding . Photo : Nzilani Glass Conservation