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ceramic tiles or carpet . Even concrete floors with more complex designs can hold their own , pricewise , with marble , granite , or topend wood . Skilled concrete flooring artisans could replicate the appearance of these more expensive materials . The lifetime cost of concrete floors is also low because they require little maintenance and have a lifespan of many decades .
“ Maintenance requirements of concrete floors depends on the volume of traffic . When it comes to upkeep , sweeping and damp mopping is usually all that are required . Applying a sealer or a coat of floor finish or wax designed for concrete floors will make
the floors more resistant to stains , chemical spillage and abrasion ,” Turner states .
To keep houses warm in winter , radiant heating cables can be embedded in concrete floors , or the residence can be designed for maximum sunlight window access which will allow the floors to radiate the absorbed heat long after sunset .
“ Concrete floors are also hygienic as they do not trap pet dander that can trigger asthma attacks and adverse reactions in people sensitive to allergens . Finally , concrete floors offer benefits when a house is for sale : if the new owner wants to change the floors , he or she can simply place carpet or wood on top of the concrete slabs ,” Turner concludes .
Pebbles inlaid in wet concrete to create an interesting pattern .


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