SA Affordable Housing November / December 2021 - Page 10

Fernwood block .
of more than 2 000 affordable housing opportunities in and near urban centres across the metro to develop greater spatial equality in Cape Town . Social housing projects are typically developed on well-located , accessible land in and near urban centres . This project , located in Bellville South , is an excellent example of that commitment , given its convenient location to universities , schools and public transport .
This project is an example of how , by working together , we can contribute to improving the lives of our beneficiaries and what we are able to achieve for them . Thank you to the teams for their hard work and dedication to get this project completed for our beneficiaries .
“ We know that the accommodation need in Cape Town is pronounced , and we will only succeed by following a systematic approach of first come , first served without queue-jumping . We must safeguard the integrity of our housing delivery programmes , despite the great pressure from urbanisation , unlawful land occupations and the diminishing national grants for human settlement developments . And we must ensure that our projects are increasingly well-located , near transport hubs and urban centres , which this one certainly is .
“ Having only one type of housing will not answer the need in the metro . Therefore , we are exploring other types of opportunities and this project is an example of that . We are going to have to explore all options and be open to other types of housing options if we are to cater to the growing accommodation need in our city . We are committed to service delivery through the provision of several different types of housing opportunities , including affordable social and Gap housing opportunities , to some of our more vulnerable residents . We encourage all relevant private sector players to partner with us and to support us to make Cape Town an even greater and more resilient city . Thank you to all our existing partners and I look forward to continuing along this path of collaboration ,” said the City ’ s Mayoral Committee Member for Human settlements , Councillor Malusi Booi .
Social housing is rental or co-operative housing for lowand lower-income households earning between R1 501 and R15 000 per month , with the proviso that the applicant is willing to and undertakes to pay monthly rental . Gap housing is for households which earn between R3 501 and R22 000 per month , and do not qualify for a full State-housing subsidy .
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