RPD Strategic Plan SFRPD Strategic Plan 2019 - Page 8

OBJECTIVE 1.2 Strengthen the quality of existing parks and facilities Strategy One: Inspire Place Keep today’s parks safe, clean, and fun; promote our parks’ historic and cultural heritage; and build the great parks of tomorrow OBJECTIVE 1.1 Develop more open space to address population growth in high-needs areas and emerging neighborhoods a Commence remediation at India Basin in FY19 and plan interim activation b In collaboration with OCII at the Shipyard, TIDA at Treasure Island, and OWED at Balboa Reservoir, maximize active recreation amenities to deliver RPD’s component of the Executive Directive on Housing c Complete detailed design of Francisco Reservoir by 2020 a b c d e f g h i j 8 Break ground on the Golden Gate Tennis Center by Spring 2019 Plan, design, and construct Tier 1 and 2 playgrounds in the Let’sPlaySF initiative Enter into MOU with HOPE SF Sunnydale team and identify funding strategy for a new gym and improved access to Herz Playground Develop and implement a Facility Management program at Recreation Centers Prioritize deferred maintenance renewals and discretionary capital resources in equity zone parks with below average park scores Finalize regulatory approvals to address environmental remediation and infra- structure enhancements at the Marina East Harbor Initiate asset data collection to implement TMA Preventative Maintenance module Create and implement a site evaluation program for indoor facilities Convene Ops and Capital Task Force to update project standards Improve and activate one mini park within an equity zone 9