RPD Strategic Plan SFRPD Strategic Plan 2019 - Page 28

Equity Metrics With the approval of Proposition B in June 2016, a revision to Section 16.107 Park, Recreation, and Open Space Fund of the City Charter mandates the Department to formally consider and measure equity. Specifi cally, the Charter directs the Department to “adopt, a set of equity metrics to be used to establish a baseline of existing Recreation and park services and resources in “low income neighborhoods and disadvantaged communities, compared to services and resources available in the City as a whole.” A dataset developed by the State of California called CalEnviroScreen 2.0 provides a standard defi nition of “disadvantaged” by census tract. Setting the standard at the 20% most disadvantaged residents by census tract in San Francisco, the map below illustrates these areas now designated as Equity Zones. With this designation, the parks in service of these residents are named, and data for those sites is collected, calculated, and compared to all other sites and the City as a whole. 28 29