RPD Strategic Plan SFRPD Strategic Plan 2019 - Page 22

Strategy Five: Inspire Our Team Encourage innovation and cultivate a connected, engaged, and aligned workforce that delivers outstanding service OBJECTIVE 5.1 Strengthen organizational effi ciency and support innovation a Align the Information Technology Division with the Department’s strategic goals and objectives through the development and implementation of an IT strategic plan b Expand RPD-U to include workforce development on test-taking and interviewing c Conduct workforce analysis to right-size classifi cations and staffi ng levels across the Operations division to support operations and maintenance of current and future park sites OBJECTIVE 5.2 Strengthen internal communications and collaboration a Implement the Park Ranger module of ParkStat to guide transparent, data-driven decision-making b c Create one new data partnership annually to enhance outcome data of RPD programs Publish the department’s fi rst Racial Equity Action Plan 22 23