RPD Strategic Plan SFRPD Strategic Plan 2019 - Page 2

Welcome The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department introduced a fi ve-year Strategic Plan in 2016 which set forth our core strategies and objectives, and the specifi c initiatives to achieve our goals. This is the third annual update since our original Strategic Plan, which continues to guide us in creating a more livable city by ensuring that San Francisco’s parks connect everyone in our diverse community to play, nature, and each other. In the past year, we’re happy to report that of the 61 initiatives, 23 were completed (including 11 equity-related initiatives) and another 35 are in prog- ress, for a total of 95% undertaken or accomplished. A highlight accomplishment in each core strategy is: • a year of inspiring place with successful activation at Civic Center, the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater, and the Stanyan Edge of Golden Gate Park • opening the City’s fi rst nature-based play area at Rolph Nicol Park (a partial conversion) which now provides inspiring opportunities to connect with nature for children in the neighborhood, nearby preschools, and many visitors, making it a destination park • completion of an external engagement process to better understand the needs and interests of park users in equity zones with results staff have already used to inspire investment • development and pilot of a nursery database, inventory, and ordering system that has already improved plant selection for resilience, effi ciency of resources, and stewardship of our parks • our fi rst annual RPD-University employee conference, which included workshops on workforce development, organizational learning, and opportunities to build stronger connections to each other This updated Strategic Plan for the fi ve-year period of FY19-23 introduces new initiatives to expand our park and recreation objectives, especially where it strengthens our work in disadvantaged communities to ensure park users everywhere have access to clean, safe, and fun parks. I am most proud of the collaborative eff ort of our staff to keep our Strategic Plan a living, breathing document with a heart. I thank everyone who has off ered feedback and helped to shape a dynamic vision for our parks - - including our Mayor, Board of Supervisors, Recreation and Park Commission, thousands of park advocates, and millions of park visitors. Together, we create an opportunity for everyone to get out and play, which makes us all happier, healthier, and more connected to nature and each other. Phil Ginsburg, General Manager San Francisco Recreation and Parks