RPD Strategic Plan SFRPD Strategic Plan 2019 - Page 18

Strategy Four: Inspire Stewardship Protect and enhance San Francisco’s precious natural resources through conservation, education, and sustainable land/facility management practices OBJECTIVE 4.1 Conserve and strengthen natural resources a Obtain Audubon certifi cation of one public golf course b Develop reforestation guidelines for all maintained park sites to sustain a healthy and vibrant tree canopy c d Create an urban forestry data collection methodology to record and track annual progress in tree maintenance cycle e Defi ne and implement best practices for maintenance of lakes within Golden Gate Park f Scope San Francisco’s fi rst carbon-neutral facility Lead the national Urban Wildlife Information Network study for San Francisco 18 OBJECTIVE 4.2 Increase biodiversity and interconnectivity on City parkland a Inventory the Department’s landscape & habitat enhancements that support biodiversity b c Assist in planning eff orts toward the Ocean Beach Master Plan by completing a detailed design of a new multi-use trail from Sloat to Skyline by 2020 d Expand staffi ng to support access to and sustainability of San Francisco’s trail network Operationalize new nursery database and inventory system 19