Royal Mountain Travel Magazine Royal Mountain Travel Magazine Issue 1

Travel Royal Mountain Royal Mountain Issue 1 Vol 1 AUG 2011 Responsible Travel We have identified a few of specific and worthwhile community projects for rural people in the areas of education and community support programs having both immediate and long term benefits. Western Nepal One Nepali visitor described his visit as “fascinating, like travelling back to the 18th century.” THE GREAT HIMALAYA TRAIL Annapurna Community Eco-lodge trek Accommodation is in community lodges that have been built to provide the local community with all the benefits. Tiger Hunting in Bardiya “Chances of meeting a tiger here are pretty good,” said my guide, as we sat under the tree, facing across the river. It was 40 degrees and the sweat was pouring off us. Humla “I think Humla is honestly one of the most culturally fascinating places in all of Nepal, a cultural tapestry woven from ancient Khasa kingdoms, ancestors of the grand Zhangzhung kingdom of the north, with a mix of Rajput and Thakuri blended into the mix” – Carol Dunham, anthropologist. Kapan “Many of the homestays grow their own vegetables using organic farming methods. This of course is a plus point for health conscious guests,”