Route 7 Review | Page 6

Missed Synapses 78 Emily’s Ghost Machine 82 Untitled Photograph 80 Poems 55 Twenty 49 Last Train from St. Pancras 77 In Sominis Veritas 76 Stout, Robert Joe After the Divorce 63 Thornley, Braxton Fish-Talking Men 53 Tieger, Leah Barefoot 73 Traux, Travis The Railroad Died Here 67 McNair’s Tire Shop 68 Volz, S.A. The Sheep Near Hadrians Wall 69 birds of disparate feathers: a Confucian call 62 thirty-nine word idioms 61 Fiction The Hunger 129 Adams, Tessa Between Women 160 Surrogate 101 Twilford Baines, Buck Hunter Unbound 116 Apartment Thirty-Six 156 Tables & Mesas 132 Beauty is a Short-Lived Tyranny 134 Flawed Perfection 145 The Photobook 103 Ca-Caw! 122 Peterson, Brett Spring and Fall 110 Solomon, John Biting Pencils 159 Sampson, Heidi Sam, David Anthony Scopa, Domenic Sklar, Dan Smith, David Stocks, John Yaun, Changming Bringhurst, Polly Burch, Ron Doyle, Darrin Hatchett, Keshaune Kollar, Maxine Lykins, Matthew Lovell, Tanya Nettleton, Kedrick Wright, Kirby