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BUILD YOUR H aving a place for “the boys” to come hang out, kick back and watch the game, shoot some pool, or throw some darts is the dream of 92% of men, according to an unscientific poll I just conducted in my imagination. So why do so few men actually have one of these coveted Man Caves? Is the reason intimidation? It shouldn’t be. Because creating a great space for the man of the house is a lot easier than you think Pay attention to these tips, tricks and ideas to kick off the perfect pad for watching the big game, drinking great beer and gadgets to keep your man cave safe from intruders. So study up, because even though there won’t be a quiz, you could still lose your man-card if you’re space fails to pass muster. Most of all, remember that this is YOUR space. So make it yours and have some fun! HOME THEATER FUNDAMENTALS Step back in time into your own private saloon. Perfect for mixing home-distilled cocktails and smoking the finest cigars. Pa g e 1 0 Love cars and wine? Show off both in this man cave designed for car and wine aficionados everywhere. First of all, there are all kinds of 'home theater in a box' kits on the market today. These kits are already put together in order to help you get the home theater you desire in one fell swoop. While you can get perfectly good home theater systems in this manner, I honestly believe you will get better value for your money by building your own system one component at a time. If you are impatient in a hurry or simply do not wish to spend the time researching your options then the home theater systems that are sold on the market may be a good idea for you. Now that we've gotten past that, you should notice that some people consider the actual television to be a part of the home theater system. You can go many routes when selecting a television that will work with your home theater needs. It is entirely up to you what kind of television you select. I do however recommend that you seriously consider the lighting in any given room before choosing your television. Projection televisions do not do well in rooms with a great deal of light. Otherwise, go with what works within your budget and the overall look you prefer for your home theater viewing. Sound is another important component of most home theater systems. The amount you spend on your sound system should depend entirely on how much sound impacts your enjoyment of movies. You can spend a lot of money on a good set of speakers and sound system or you can seriously cut costs by spending less on this particular component. Building a home theater depends entirely upon your personal preferences and the overall system you wish to build. In order to get the greatest benefit from your speakers you will need a receiver in order to process the sounds and present them in the best possible light. The receiver basically receives information from all manner of devices and sends the signal where you tell it to go. Your receiver is one place that most people tend to spend a good portion of their budget and with good reason. This is by far one of the most important components and one that many people do not already own. Your DVD/DVR is another thing that can impact your viewing experience. You shouldn't opt for a high definition DVD or DVR unless you have a high definition television and only then if you plan to purchase high definition DVDs rather than the regular DVDs you will find on the market at the moment. Doing so will only result in a waste of money while the technology is new. Instead, wait a year or two until the prices drop and upgrade slowly rather than buying the top of the line most expensive component that the remainder of your system cannot keep up with. Only you can set your budget and decide how much you are willing to spend on each individual component.