Romanceaholic Presents 4th Issue - Page 24

Royal Guard

Guarded Hearts

A Prince with a wild streak and a girl with a dream. When their worlds collide everything changes.

Imagine your dreams being shattered by the man you once admired.

Lilly Laurent had a dream to become the first woman of the Royal Guard. She has read the rules and practiced the events for years. She was prepared for just about anything, except an interfering wolf Prince who was too sexy for his own good.

Prince William Asher, AKA "Knox" has to give every wolf a fair shot at qualifying for his guard. He doesn't expect to be attracted to one of them. He is more interested in bedding the beautiful female than having her become his guard, unfortunately this female was persistent.

Can Knox make her see him as more than a spoiled royal? Will Lilly brave the rivalry to prove she deserves to be a guard? Will they come together as destiny wants or will they be torn apart by the growing force among the humans?