Romanceaholic Presents 4th Issue - Page 18

Message to from readers of author Bryce Evans

I came across Alpha City as a free download, so I got and it looked really interesting. When I read it I was hooked. I had to read them all and I’ve been a fan every since.

I found your fan page on Facebook and you are always so nice and kind to your fans. You always keep us in the loop on what’s happening with your next books and I really appreciate that. I also love the fact that you promote other authors to that speak volumes to your character and the type of person you are.

Thank you so much for being the best person and author. Don’t change who you are.

Ernestine Webb

Bryce Evans writes such wonderful stories. I haven’t gotten to read them all yet, but each one that I have read draws you into the world she has created. She is an amazing woman, not only an author, but mom, wife and police officer as well. I don’t know how she does it all. She makes time for her fans and has always been super sweet and kind when chatting with us.

Crystal Hool

I started reading Bryce’s books 5 years ago, I found Trinity by chance on amazon and I was hooked. I have now read pretty much everything she has published. Her Alpha City and her Love of a shifter are my absolute favorites. She sucked me into her world and made me forget about my own life for a few hours and that for me is amazing. She is one of the authors that I don’t even read the blurbs, I buy them because I know what kind of quality books she writes and she doesn’t disappoint.

Bryce, you are an awesome person, mom, writer and police officer. You rock! Keep doing what makes you happy!

Rita Hansen

I started following Bryce Evan's from the beginning. She is an amazing author and an even more amazing individual. Her books are so well written I can't stop reading until I am finish it and then I want more. She has wonderful Heroes who are very strong, fierce and extremely protective of what is theirs BUT they are also extremely supportive of their mates. Bryce's books are full of love, hate, war, and adventure (in just the right amounts of each) but are also very realistic and pull you right into the world she has created. Bryce Evans introduced me to the shifter world and now there is no turning back. I love this lady from The Ashland Pack to The Death Hunters and beyond.

Carolyn Hall Brown

Wow Bryce Evans is such a sweet lady and author Her books are a great read every time I buy them she does not disappoint me she gives her heart into them . I get a love story action adventure ..some laughs and all around great time reading her books .. She is always on my buy list when I know one of her books comes out ... A Fan Girl always love you Bryce Evans...

Tammy Zimmerman