Romanceaholic Presents 2nd Issue - Page 8


Which of Audra's books/series/realms first drew your attention & sparked your imagination?

The first book in Tulsa actually. Joker, now Joker and his Cajun Queen, was presented to me and I fell in love with the world Audra created in it.

Do you have more "stories" in mind for contributions to the Tulsa series?

Yes! At least 2 more, bringing my total in the series to 4.

What made you decide to add your stories to the Tulsa series?

A mutual reader and friend suggested my magic users from a different series would fit nicely into Audra' s world. A small change was made however and my warlocks slid into place.

Tell me about your writing process. How was writing for the Tulsa series different?

The difference from my normal writing process was I kept in close contact with Audra, ensuring timelines and facts matched up. Whereas I normally do all that muself. This was especially important while writing Coyote's River, as Coyote was originally Audra' s character. He just resonated with me and I asked if I could have him.

What would you tell someone that has not read the Tulsa series?

It has a little bit of something for everyone. Action. Romance. Magic. Drama. MF, MM, and even MMF stories. Audra is a master at world building and Tulsa Immortals is no different. I'm beyond glad to be a part of this series.