Romanceaholic Presents 2nd Issue - Page 16

I was first introduced to the writing of Audra Hart a little 4 years ago. I won a copy of her first book, Lost Wanderer Awakened: Book One of the Airendell Chronicles, read it, and was lost in the incredible realms which she weaves with such spell-binding ease.

The depth of character development & intense feelings she writes with captivate the reader, leaving them wanting more. She reached out to me after my review of that book I had won and it was almost like meeting a never known sister, the more we "talked".

She has always impressed me with her open & helping spirit of helping all Indie authors share their work. She started the Tall, Dom & Dirty group page to do just that - help authors & readers get to know each other and share all the wonders of all types of romance!

Through all the tribulations of everyday life she has had to go through, she has always managed to find time to help promote other's work.

Not only a talented & unbelievably brilliant writer and creator of supernatural worlds, she is an incredibly empathetic human being who supports others as much as herself!

My sister from a different mister!


Tulsa Immortals