Romanceaholic Presents 2nd Issue - Page 11

Leo's Salvation

Tulsa Immortals Book 3

Leo Eaus, a warlock from a cursed coven, hopes to make up for the sins caused by his family in the past by working as an exorcist.

Agnar Landvik, a berserker bear shifter, only hopes to get through his lonely days without killing his friends in the Twin Ravens MC.

Their paths cross when Leo's job takes him to Tulsa Oklahoma. Agnar sees Leo as the end to his lonely days. Leo only sees what could happen to Agnar if Leo's secret was ever discovered.

While they struggle to come to an understanding and form the relationship destined to be theirs, trouble stirs in the shadows of Tulsa. It'll take Agnar and Leo working together to subdue this new threat.

Add in a snarky familiar that has an opinion about everything, a group of meddling biker enforcers, and a demonic grandfather and Leo's Salvation seems to be either within grasp or just out of reach.

Coyote's River

Tulsa Immortals Book 5

COYOTE is a centuries old Navajo mixed breed shifter. He's lived alone since the loss of his father, while acting as an enforcer for the Twin Ravens outlaw MC. Four months ago, his solitary life was turned on its head when he met River Vann.

RIVER VANN, a Warlock of Sangue di Demone, is young, stubborn, and guarded. Due to his powerful demon blood, River's life has been plagued by unfortunate and tragic events. He's come to trust only two things in this world, money, and himself.

These two are destined to be together, but they can't seem to find the right opportunity to connect. A powerful and dangerous figure from River's past, and an old foe of the Twin Ravens, may change that.

Can Coyote and River find the perfect opportunity to connect amid the chaos and danger that threatens all Immortals? Or will their enemies destroy them all?