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About DiJONES At DiJONES we commit individually and as a team to role model our behaviours and beliefs around our company values. We foster generosity of spirit and encourage one another by being tolerant and being supportive of our DiJONES family members. FA M I LY As a team member of DiJONES you are not only staff you are part of our family. We believe that you commit such a huge part of your life to working with our company that it’s important that your family is our family. We look after one another and support each other so we can retain our people. We understand and appreciate how people’s home lives impact at work. It is all about health, wellbeing and work-life balance. PA S S I O N Our company has an ethos that you must be a Real Estate Career professional to be a part of our team and be passionate about the future of our industry and professionalism at large. Having a passion for what you do, our brand and the people you work alongside are non-negotiable at DiJONES. AUTHENTICITY In an industry where you may often find individuals who are not authentic our team at DiJONES pride themselves on being authentic in every sense of the word. We give our clients and our fellow colleagues the best of what we have to give and do so by delivering honest feedback that will help deliver outstanding results. When you become a part of the DiJONES team you are benchmarked against a certain DNA and authenticity is a key ingredient of our long-term success and high repeat referral rate. We encourage you not to be something you are not. C O L L A B O R AT I O N We collaborate with our local community, with one another, industry groups and our clients. We are proud of the collaboration we have and the profile we are able to obtain through these partnerships. We are only as good as the team around us and look forward to sharing the journey with you. Through the distribution of our offices in metropolitan Sydney and the southern highlands we are able to share our data by using one central database to help collaborate and achieve amazing results for our valued clients. Our combined knowledge and transparency allows for growth.