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PARK PLACE STORAGE Park Place Storage The Unique Luxury Storage Of Park Place Storage F ounded in 1999 in the Twin Cities region, Park Place Storage is the result of the vision of two brothers, Paul and Joel Jorgensen. The two saw a need for a different type of storage park after noticing that most traditional storage facilities simply didn’t have enough space for vehicles. There are no real limitations on what is being done at Park Place Storage. From the variety of customization options and sizes down to the actual use (anything from storing boats and motorcycles to having a private poker room complete with a bar), you get the storage you want, the way that you want it. Each location that Park Place Storage operates has a few core features, including the following: • Wash bays • Dump stations • Large loading driveways • Restrooms • Video surveillance • Gated entryways 6 • Heat and electricity It all starts with figuring out how much storage you are going to need. The size needed for hanging out with friends and working on small projects is going to differ significantly from the size you would need to store a dozen cars or motorcycles. Though the units will vary from site to site, they commonly feature the following amenities: fire suppression systems, 60-amp electricity, lighting and outlets, ceiling fans, a garage door opener, and 45,000-BTU natural gas heating systems. Park Place Storage condos come in a variety of sizes, anywhere from 18’ x 45’ to 29’ x 80’. The size varies based on location, but most needs can be accommodated. Once your needs and the basics are out of the way, specialized customizations can be added. Some of these include diamond-plate wainscoting, mezzanines, custom paint or wall designs, and epoxy floors. Of course, there are other potential add-ons as well. It all just comes down to what the client wants. You’re only going to be limited by your budget and your imagination. The one thing you may want to keep in mind when considering storage is that you will still need insurance coverage for yourself (in the form of liability) and for the personal property that you keep inside the units as well. These luxury storage condos are not like typical storage units, and they should not be treated as such. Furthermore, it should be noted that the client is the owner of the unit, just like a traditional condo. It’s not simply a rented storage unit like many other sites may offer. Storage sites are offered at multiple locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio. While the individual sites that Park Place Storage offers are all unique in terms of scope and amenities, the one constant is a commitment to helping clients build their own perfect storage space. Ultimately, it comes down to helping clients get what they want and keeping them happy by providing the best service possible. For more information, visit them online at parkplacestorage.net or contact Paul or Joel at 612-670-3077 or paulj@parkplacestorage. net. +