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JENKINS IRON & STEEL Jenkins Iron & Steel: High-Quality American Standards W hen it comes to metal manufacturing, there is a lot to know. Not only that, but the quality can vary from company to company by a significant margin. With Jenkins Iron and Steel, however, quality is only behind safety in terms of importance. Founded in Long Prairie, Minnesota, by the Jenkins family, Jenkins Iron and Steel is a small family manufacturer of a variety of implement attachments. The goal? To put out the highest quality and most durable attachments on the market that anyone could afford. So how does Jenkins accomplish that goal? It does so by utilizing only the most cutting edge, state-of-the-art, manufacturing techniques and using high-quality materials. That means the best American steel on the market. Quality control is another essential aspect of the manufacturing process. Oversight goes into all of the steps of the process, from the design phase to all of the production phases, all the way to the point of sale and delivery. What does this mean for you? Easy. It means that if a piece 28 of equipment has the Jenkins name on it, you can count on it to work, every day, through whatever conditions you choose to put upon it. When it comes to Jenkins Iron and Steel’s success and growth, there are three key elements which go into it: PASSION – THE PEOPLE WORKING AT JENKINS LOVE WHAT THEY DO. Thus, they have a proven track record of accomplishment. That passion leads to all projects being complete with quality materials, professionalism, and offering clients the support and accessibility they desire. HONESTY AND DEPENDABILITY – AT JENKINS, THE ONLY POLICY IS HONESTY. All business operations are performed with the utmost integrity, not just projects for clients but also relations with contractors and suppliers. CONSTANT INNOVATION – THERE IS AN OLD SAYING IN THE BUSINESS WORLD: if you are standing still, you are falling behind. Jenkins uses the best tools and technology available and constantly innovates its processes in order to become more efficient and meet all of the timelines its clients set. Standing behind absolutely everything it builds, Jenkins is one of the most trusted manufacturers in the United States. If issues occur with anything it makes, all it takes is a simple call to the office and it will be resolved quickly and easily. That is the promise that the Jenkins family makes to their customers. Attachments are rigorously tested (and sometimes abused!) prior to production so that customers can be absolutely assured that they will get only the best and most durable attachments possible. For more information about Jenkins Iron and Steel, visit jenkinsironandsteel.com. Let their professionals help you complete your project in the most quality way possible and on a budget and timeline you desire. +