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In The Business Of Helping Businesses : Living Word Christian Center

Nesbit Agencies is in the business of helping businesses , not simply providing one-size-fits-all solutions . No two clients are the same , whether the differences stem from business issues or personal preferences , and the goal at Nesbit is to invest time and energy in order to better understand your needs and customize services and solutions to meet them . But what does a company like this do ? They provide professional services which can be utilized to solve complex business , financial , and technological challenges in a novel way .

One of the best examples of the services Nesbit provides to its clients is the Living Word Christian Center . Having been a client for nearly twenty years , Rick Bruce ( CFO ) and Kristy Groves ( Human Resources ) use the services of Nesbit Agencies to assist in the development of employee benefits and HR issues . In terms of HR , Nesbit handles customized employee handbooks , training , and compliance . The Living Word Christian Center operates both a school and a church , leading to a complex web of issues which , at times , would be too much for a single staff to handle .
When it comes to employee benefits , Nesbit has gone a step further . First , it found a free way to get $ 100 for any employee who gets a physical . They also managed to save $ 130,000 each year for twenty years on medical insurance through a combination of proprietary claims-analysis tools , expertise in the industry , and a robust focus on wellness and culture . Employees have a choice of six different medical plans , but the choices are simple and all come with onsite and virtual meetings for employees and spouses .
To quote Rick himself ,


Nesbit Agencies doesn ’ t provide the same services to every client , however . As no two businesses or clients are alike , neither are their needs . Whether it ’ s ACA compliance , HR assistance , or a slew of other services , there are a ton of extra services Nesbit helps provide its clients , including business assistance services through BerganKDV , human resources through Integrity HR , and the legal services of Thompson Coe . Nesbit also provides a complete employer portal and a slew of property and liability solutions for clients who need them .
What Nesbit does for its clients is not simple , but it isn ’ t too much for its professional staff to handle . When it comes to risk management solutions , benefits , HR compliance , or just about anything else in the insurance field , Nesbit and its partners can handle whatever is thrown at them while using proprietary tools to help offset costs for their clients .
It ’ s important to note that all of the services Nesbit provides are done without any extra fees , including online enrollment . My own personal experience is with finding creative self-funded and next-generation wellness solutions to control costs and help employees . For more information about Nesbit Agencies , check out our website at www . nesbitagencies . com . For more information about Living Word Christian Center , go to www . lwcc . org . +