Risk & Business Magazine Nesbit Agencies Risk & Business Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 11

A WORKAHOLIC’S LESSON him to bed. My husband and I began to question if we were going to be able to sustain the marriage, or what was left of it. It all became too much, and in early December, I went to a hotel’s 22nd floor balcony and called my husband saying I couldn’t do life anymore. On December 14, I was hospitalized for severe depression and sent to a mental hospital for six days. They took my shoelaces, my hairbrush, my hardcover books, my hoodie sweatshirt, my shampoo, and yes, my coveted iPhone. It was exactly how it’s portrayed in the movies, unfortunately. NOT HAVING ANY ACCESS TO TECHNOLOGY FOR SIX DAYS WAS ANOTHER ONE OF THE BIGGEST BLESSINGS AND LESSONS FOR ME THIS YEAR. I highly r