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EXTRA MILE Going the Extra Mile: Evergreen Companies E vergreen Companies is a stellar business with an unlikely start. Initially, its founder, Andy Walser, was not even involved in the landscape industry at all. Working as an accountant, he started mowing grass around a few hog barns for the company that he worked for. That, metaphorically speaking, is where the seeds of the company were sewn. In 2008, Evergreen was founded and has since grown to a full-service commercial seeding and erosion control contractor. With no experience in the industry, Andy simply jumped into it headfirst and learned as he went. Initially, he just did mowing with part-time help from his nephew. One day, he saw someone hydroseeding a lawn and got the idea to expand. Purchasing a small hydroseeding machine, he stated doing that until he was hired to hydroseed on a commercial project. Quickly thereafter, he transitioned to doing commercial bid work. Andy attributes some of this initial success and expansion to “asking a lot of dumb questions and figuring things out as I went.” Ultimately, it came down to getting someone to trust him and his company enough to give him a try on a medium- to large-sized project. Today, the bulk of the work Evergreen does is for county and state projects, including road and ditch work and erosion control. From the small start of Andy and his nephew, the company has seen steady growth, now employing 7–8 full-time workers. Andy likes to emphasize the importance of erosion control in terms of maintaining the environment and clean water. All too often, erosion control is overlooked or seen as a waste of resources. In 6 reality, it is an important aspect of maintaining buffer zones, controlling runoff, and protecting valuable topsoil. Among Evergreen’s current services are the following: • Erosion control: Including slope stabilization methods such as hydroseeding, mulching, erosion control blankets, and turf reinforcement mats. • Dust control: Calcium chloride applications which eliminate the negative effects of dust pollution on gravel roads and parking lots. • Seeding: Commercial or residential turf grass or native seeding using the best equipment available. The growth of the company can be attributed to a few simple principles. Go above and beyond to do the best job. If the job is done right to begin with, nobody will have to come back and fix it later. Spending more time up front is the key to success. That success comes with a good reputation for quality, which Andy and his employees strive to maintain. Andy knows all too well what that process is like, having started from zero and building the company from scratch both in terms of finances and knowledge. For more information, contact Andy at 507-317-6282 or andy@ evergreencompanies.org. You can also visit them online at evergreencompanies.org. +