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16 feature DR. MARSHALL GOLDSMITH: BAD HABITS OF SMART LEADERS CONTENTS 6 GOING THE EXTRA MILE: Evergreen Companies 7 PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS WITH WORKERS’ COMPENSATION INSURANCE 9 TO BUY OR TO BUILD,THAT IS THE QUESTION Expert Tim Miller Weighs In 10 BODY LANGUAGE TIPS FOR ENTREPRENEURS 12 FIVE WAYS A BUSINESS LOSES SALES 14 FIND MORE TIME IN YOUR DAY 20 STEPS TO BUILDING AN ONLINE INFLUENCE 22 TEN PUBLIC SPEAKING TIPS 24 INTERVIEW BETTER: Myth’s Exploded 26 GROEBNER: Natural Gas Solutions Done Right WELCOME We are six months into 2018 and it is still difficult to gauge the direction the US economy is taking in the foreseeable future. Increased volatility in the stock market. Threats of trade wars. Significant changes to the tax laws. A shake-up in the regulatory environment. And constant talk of labor shortages and rising inflation. It is all beginning to create some indecision in the minds of business owners — after we started the year at a high point in business and consumer confidence. Although I can’t shed much light as to what the future holds, I can say as a fellow business owner, we deal with a lot of the same questions and uncertainties. However, we still remain confident that the economy is headed in a positive direction, even if there may be a few bumps along the way. Where we can help shed some light is in the area of insurance. In this summer 2018 issue of Nesbit Agencies Risk & Business Magazine, we have included articles on hot topics like health insurance and the Affordable Care Act, workers’ compensation insurance, and workplace safety. In each issue, we like to give some recognition to a few of our clients. This issue is no different as you’ll find features on clients involved in a diverse group of businesses: landscaping, natural gas products distribution, and building restoration and concrete contracting. At Nesbit, we have the expertise to help a wide range of businesses with all their insurance needs. 28 BUILDING ORDER FROM CHAOS: S. Robideau Construction We appreciate the opportunity to share this valuable information with you through our Risk & Business magazine. If you’d like more information on any of the topics or businesses featured in this issue, we would love to hear from you. You can provide us with feedback by sending any inquiries or comments to info@nesbitagencies.com. 29 REGULATIONS CAN SAVE YOUR BUSINESS MONEY Thank you. 27 NEED TO KNOW — HEALTHCARE REFORM 30 QUALITY, TRADITION, RELIABILITY: The Story of Gustafson & Goudge, Inc. 31 THE IMPORTANCE OF POLLUTION LIABILITY COVERAGE Sincerely, Jay Nesbit, Operations NESBITAGENCIES.COM 5