Risk & Business Magazine Nesbit Agencies Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 28

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT Building Order from Chaos: S. Robideau Construction I n 1997, S. Robideau Construction was founded with a simple goal: to build satisfying relationships with businesses and homeowners in the community of Elk River, Minnesota. Since then, they have grown to be a full-service provider of fire, water, and storm damage restoration and construction services and have expanded their reach all across Minnesota and North Dakota. The process? Simple: maintain high ethical standards, attention to detail, and client communication while staying focused on the restoration process itself. When it comes to restoration, the process is a bit different than general construction services. First, the belongings and contents of a home or business must be dealt with. A cleanup must occur. From there, the rebuild can begin. Insurance companies prefer companies to specialize in restoration for these types of losses, and S. Robideau Construction has not only a proven track record of quality work but they are also a preferred vendor of many insurance companies. By working closely with adjusters over the last 20 years, S. Robideau employees are exceptionally prepared for the unique jobs and situations that they will encounter. That experience leads to shorter turnaround times, which is of the utmost importance on restoration jobs where businesses or families are displaced from their property due to the damage. Understandably, people want to get back to home or work as quickly as they can, and S. Robideau Construction specializes in making that happen. Twenty-four hours a day, they are on call. And the quality of their work often leads to follow-up jobs unrelated to the restoration. So what are the values that have led them to become the company that they are now? The values they hold dear are safety, people, process, and a desire for exceptional customer service. Every meeting begins with safety, usually a “safety share” in which employees 28 vocalize concerns or things they have seen or encountered which may have safety implications for the crew. After safety comes the employees, many of whom have been with the company for years. The experience they bring to the table is second to none. The S. Robideau process boils down to an evaluation and estimate (either with the property owner or an adjuster), a complete restoration, and the completion procedures. And at the end of the day, satisfaction is the top priority. The fact that insurance companies and clients keep coming back for more speaks volumes about the quality of service and the professionalism that S. Robideau employees bring to the table. Whether it’s commercial or residential, S. Robideau Construction has got you covered. Give them a call for more information or to get your estimate at 763-434-1418. You can also visit them online at firewaterstormdamage.com. +