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Employment Deserves Dignity


Risk management is not easy . Having to deal with the day-to-day operations of a business is usually more than enough for an owner ( or even a management team ) to handle by themselves . Throwing things like human resources , risk mitigation , and regulatory compliance into the mix can quickly lead to “ scope creep .” That ’ s where HR Executive Partners comes in .

After years of helping organizations with human capital management practices , founder Julia Tate formed HR Executive Partners to provide clients with her unique insights that had proven to impact the bottom lines and employee relations of the organizations she has worked with . Working for a large organization and going through a merger herself , Julia was an employee who was affected by HR decisions as the merger completed , and effectively , she had to “ let herself go .” That made her realize what an effect her brand of HR could have on others and that it would be beneficial to find a way to provide it to them .
It was then that she founded HR Executive Partners to act as an HR consultation firm offering a full spectrum of services to support organizational management of a workforce with robust structure and intentional dignity .
Julia has always believed that work is a part of a person ’ s self-identity and has made it her mission to acknowledge that by maintaining dignity for work throughout the employment journey , this approach will ultimately resonate with both employers and those who work under them . Working with small to mid-sized organizations , HR Executive Partners customizes work to assess , engage , design , and execute human capital management projects . A key aspect of this is to make