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Welcome to the autumn 2021 issue of Risk & Business Magazine .
I am pleased to present several articles to you in this issue including a spotlight on HR Executive Partners — a valuable client of our agency in addition to being a valuable vendor that has assisted our business develop and maintain up-todate human resources best practices .
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Like many businesses in early 2020 , we had to adapt quickly to allow the majority of our staff to work remotely . Fortunately , we had been given insightful advice the prior year to start making investments in technology and developing procedures to allow for flexible work arrangements . Having these pieces in place was essential to the survival of our business and a reminder of why emergency plans are so important to have in place , even though you hope you never need to use them .
As business is beginning to move to a more normal environment , we plan to continue to utilize technology and flexible work arrangements as a competitive advantage for our business and something we hope our staff continues to find a rewarding benefit .
We appreciate the opportunity to share this valuable information with you . If you ’ d like more information on any of the topics or businesses featured in this issue of Risk & Business Magazine , we would love to hear from you . You can provide us with feedback by sending any inquiries or comments to info @ nesbitagencies . com .
Thank you . Sincerely ,
Jay Nesbit , Operations NESBITAGENCIES . COM
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