Risk & Business Magazine McFarlan Rowlands Magazine Winter 2018 - Page 26

TESTIMONIALS WE INSURE IT ALL Testimonials NORFOLK CATTLE              WAVE WELLNESS RETREAT Tillsonburg, ON Tillsonburg, ON Norfolk Cattle is a first-generation Black Angus and Fullblood / Fleckvieh Simmental breeder. It is a small, family-oriented farm that focuses on high-quality cattle and genetics. Wave Wellness Retreat is a business that focuses on pain management and relaxation using modern holistic therapies such as Float therapy, Aromatherapy, Infrared therapy, Massage therapy, and Reflexology. It will be introducing Chiropractic therapy in early 2019. John and Kristy Van Barneveld (Owners) are pleased to bring a fresh, new face to traditional therapies that both the younger and aging communities of Tillsonburg and surrounding areas can benefit from.  In addition, Wave Wellness Retreat offers Tillsonburg’s first Kombucha bar. “With an operation like ours, we have a lot on the line as far as investments are concerned—barns, tractors, equipment, vehicles, hay, straw, and most of all, the cattle themselves. It’s weekly that we hear about some sort of farm tragedy, whether it’s a barn burning down, weather related destruction, etc. Knowing that we have the insurance coverage that we need on everything helps to keep our stress levels at bay. Having a good relationship with our broker is of key importance to us and we are confident that our questions and concerns are always taken seriously. We really appreciate the high level of customer service McFarlan Rowlands provides and that friendly one-on-one relationship that we have with them.” https://norfolkcattle.com LEISURE HEIGHTS West Elgin, ON Leisure Heights is a seasonal RV Park in North Shore Lake Erie, two kilometres west of Port Glasgow Marina on Trans Canada Trail. It is a quiet adult park filled with activities suitable for all. Located on the migration route for many birds and butterflies (monarch), there is always something to catch your eye. There is excellent fishing and boating available. The sunrises and moonrises seen here are among the most beautiful you will see. The front bank is perfect for relaxing and reading a book or playing a game of pickleball. “We have been satisfied customers for 20 years now. We find comfort in having our representative just a call away if we are in need. McFarlan Rowlands ensures we have the right coverage at the right price, customized to our particular needs.” “Using McFarlan Rowlands Insurance Brokers gives us peace of mind knowing that our assets are protected. It also gives our business a sense of credibility. It is the extra layer of protection that makes Wave Wellness Retreat a business that our customers and employees can rely on. In the event of an unexpected disaster, our unique coverage will provide us with the necessary tools to get back on our feet and return to operating within our normal routine.” www.facebook.com/wavewellnesstburg SENIORS  HOME INDEPENDENCE NETWORK INC. (SHINE AT HOME)             Sarnia, ON Shine at Home is a full-service company that is dedicated to the idea that seniors should be able to live happily and comfortably in their homes as long as possible.  They offer a wide array of services such as housekeeping, transportation, chef-prepared meals, and in-home care.  Their vision is to help seniors truly thrive or shine by maintaining their independence, enjoying the services of a retirement community in the comfort and independence of their own home—at a fraction of the cost. “Our business requires multi-faceted insurance protection, including coverage for public passenger transportation vehicles, professional and general liability, as well as cyber and privacy breach liability.  McFarlan Rowlands has worked to understand our needs, potential risks, and exposures.  The team has always displayed great professionalism.  At times, I do not make it easy on my Broker due to all of the demands on my time, but she is always sure to follow up and make sure my business is covered.  We are in good hands with McFarlan Rowlands.” www.seniorsliveathome.com 26