Risk & Business Magazine McFarlan Rowlands Magazine Winter 2018 | Page 8

MCCABE PROMOTIONAL MCCABE PROMOTIONAL: REACHING OUT TO GROW WITHIN O ften, the clearest sign of the future of a company is where they are focusing their efforts. Companies that focus all of their efforts inward often lose track of what made them successful in the first place. Companies that focus their efforts outward, however, are aiming toward the very things that will help them maintain prosperity in the future. For McCabe Promotional, the focus is twofold, but ultimately client and community centric. Outward focus brings inward growth. McCabe is a promotional marketing company that focuses on helping other organisations enhance their brands through branded merchandising. They work across multiple industries throughout Canada and the United States, having steadily built their client base in the 31 years they have been in business. Family owned and operated, the company was founded in 1981 by Jim and Sandi, with their son Jamie and his business partner Colin having since taken over the company. goals. They set objectives and goals based on continued learning. Participants can do extracurricular activities, language learning, read books checked out from the company library, do community outreach, or visit McCabe offices across Ontario and meet other members of the team. McCabe has launched an initiative, Marigold Rescue, to help the community grow along with them. Marigold Rescue is a community outreach program named after Marigold, a rescue pup owned by Jamie who has become something of an office mascot. The intention of Marigold Rescue is to pay it forward to the community in as many creative ways as team members can, helping anywhere and everywhere that they can, from passing out food and water to the homeless to donating Christmas presents to those in need. McCabe has also launched the Marigold Rescue Grant Program through which employees can apply for grants through the company, then donate that money to the charities of their choice. McCabe operates under a customer-centric approach for its daily operations; they endeavour to focus on the needs of a customer, not just the wants. As a result, McCabe does not operate within the traditional, hierarchal, top-down organizational structure. In contrast, the structure is circular in nature with the customer positioned at the centre of all business units. Team members are provided the flexibility to make informed service decisions based on their interaction with the customer and other team members. In terms of internal growth, McCabe prides itself on their team, and thus, the culture of the company is very important to their success. They want to have an atmosphere in which employees can grow not only as part of the company and the team but also as individuals. An environment where they want to come to work. When employees are at their best, the company is also at its best and the clients get better service. They have also launched a staff education program called McCabe University. This program is geared towards allowing team members to participate and grow in a variety of ways, depending on their end 8 McCabe’s story is about giving back, having fun, learning more, and getting outside the box. Like their slogan says, “Get away from ordinary.”