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But , before Stuart ’ s # sharetheblack campaign could become a short-lived marketing gimmick , he identified yet another anti-customer : T-Mobile . The telecom giant has tried to monopolize the color magenta , arguing that their brand is so inextricably linked to that particular shade of pink , no other brand should be allowed to use it .
Well , of course , Stuart is having none of it , so he ’ s started a # sharethepink campaign , too . If you want to buy his Pink TM paint you need to agree to the following terms :
“ By adding this product to your cart , you confirm that you are in no way affiliated to T-Mobile , you are not purchasing this item on behalf of an associate of T-Mobile , and you do not hold a telephone contract from T-Mobile . To the best of your knowledge , information , and belief , this paint will not make its way into the hands of anyone associated with T-Mobile .”
It ’ s a great color , but I wouldn ’ t be able to buy it . Firstly because I ’ m a T-Mobile customer , but more significantly , because it ’ s completely sold out !
Ironically , it ' s Stuart ' s determination that no one should be allowed to own a color , and his clear and simple understanding of who his customer is NOT , that has united artists around the world . That has made them want to stand by him and his brand .
That one simple , clear idea has turned Culture Hustle , a small team of artists working in an art studio in Dorset , England , into one of the world ' s fastest-growing art materials brands .
And it ’ s making me wonder whether we ’ ve all been spending so much time crafting customer personas that they ’ ve just become meaningless . Maybe it ’ s time to focus on the people who should NOT be buying our stuff ? +
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