Risk & Business Magazine JGS Insurance - Summer 2020 - Page 14

LIVE HAPPIER ACHIEVING THE GOOD LIFE Tomorrow I will live the life I’ve always wanted.” This used to be my mindset. It would still be my mindset today had I not changed one word. Today. Today, I will live the life I’ve always wanted. My hope is that after reading the below, your tomorrow becomes today, too. It’s the start of summer and the midway point for the year. This is a good time to shed the cool, lazy months and reevaluate those goals. While we transition into a new mindset of summer fun, it’s important to make sure that our priorities don’t become obsolete. This summer find the optimal harmony between work and life. Seek joy through relationships and have a strong persona of one’s self. We can so easily get caught up in the day-to-day grind. There are always moments where we wonder how are we are going to find time for friends and family, time for myself, or even enough time to sleep. 14