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This year has been big for so many people , with massive shifts and loads of uncertainty … No wonder lots of people are feeling wobbly and a tad burnt out !

That was me too , for a little while there . In the past , I would have let those feelings derail me and burn me out completely , but I now know better and I have the tools to avoid it and I want to share them with you today .
So here goes … Five of the best ways to avoid burnout .
1 . BOOK YOURSELF IN FOR A GETAWAY OR A RETREAT EVERY QUARTER . If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook , you will know that I recently got back from two nights at Gaia Retreat and feel like a completely different person . It was truly magical ! My body , mind and soul feel completely rejuvenated and replenished . We ate all organic food straight from their garden , did yoga , Pilates , qi-gong , soaked up the stunning rolling mountains , spent loads of time outdoors in nature , got organic facials and massages , and laughed until our bellies hurt . It was exactly what I needed , true soul medicine . I can ’ t recommend it enough and I will 100 % be going back very soon . Book yourself in for quarterly getaways or a retreat and soak it up . You deserve it and you are worthy of it .
2 . MEDITATE . ANOTHER GREAT WAY TO AVOID BURNOUT IS WITH A DAILY MEDITATION PRACTICE . There ’ s so much science out there now on the benefits of meditation , it ’ s awesome . Meditation can help you with the following …
• Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations
• Building skills to manage your stress
• Increasing self-awareness
• Focusing on the present
• Reducing negative emotions
• Increasing imagination and creativity
• Increasing patience and tolerance
• Plus so much more !
If you don ’ t have a daily meditation practice , now is the time to start . Begin with one of my guided meditations and see how you feel . Start with doing it once in the morning and again before bed and feel the shift through your entire being .
3 . DO YOGA , DANCING OR ANY FORM OF MOVEMENT EVERY SINGLE DAY . Movement is hugely beneficial for your mind , body and soul . It ’ s also a powerful depression fighter . Most importantly though , it promotes all kinds of changes in the brain , including neural growth , reduced inflammation and new activity patterns that promote feelings of calm and well-being . It also releases endorphins , powerful chemicals in your brain that energize your spirits and make you feel good . It can also serve to help break you out of the cycle of negative thoughts that feed depression . Find something you like and do it daily , even if it ’ s just 15 minutes . Try yoga , Pilates , dancing , body weight exercises , qi-gong , walking , swimming , whatever you like . There are so many free exercise / movement videos online , so check them out if you want to find some cool new ideas and routines . I love using the app Down Dog each morning for a 15-minute yoga flow .
4 . SPEND TIME IN NATURE EVERY DAY . Spending time in nature can help relieve stress and anxiety , improve your mood , and boost feelings of happiness and wellbeing . Whatever you want to call it — forest bathing , ecotherapy , mindfulness in nature , green time or the wilderness cure — humans evolved in the great outdoors , and your brain benefits from a journey back to nature . For me , I ’ m at the beach or walking outdoors every day . Even in the middle of winter , I make sure I get outside . Kick your shoes off and feel the grass or sand under your toes and take in some deep belly breaths . For extra mind , body and soul nourishment , take your meditation or movement outside and soak up as much of those negative ions as possible .
5 . GET INTO BED AT 9PM AND GET 8 HOURS OF DEEP SLEEP . There are so many benefits of getting good quality sleep — including boosting your mood and avoiding burn out , being more focused and ‘ sharp ’, having a healthier heart , steadying your blood sugar ( so that you ’ re not always reaching for a sugar hit ), boosting your immune system and balancing your weight … and that ’ s just for starters ! If you read my books and listen to my podcast , you will know that I LOVE my sleep and I ’ m in bed by 8pm each night ( sometimes even 7:30pm ), I LOVE it ! I make sleep a priority . I get into bed , read , connect with my husband and take that time to wind down . If I have a few late nights I really feel it — I want sugar , I ’ m cranky , I get irritable and start to feel run down and burnt out . Make sleep your priority to avoid burnout .
There you have it , my to five ways to avoid burnout . +
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