Risk & Business Magazine JGS Insurance Fall 2021 - Page 5

levels remain more compatible than ever with customer needs , but they are ready to take on the challenge .
“ It ’ s really about availability right now ,” Justin says . “ People have been scarred by the long wait times in a just-in-time inventory system , and so we ’ re making sure we have a program where we have something that ’ s going to fill the gap for most needs at any given time . It ’ s not easy to do that , but it ’ s been what ’ s kept us afloat for the last 14 months .”
The company ’ s strictly business-tobusiness model is built around the idea of “ adapt or die ” as Justin puts it . With the way that the world has transformed over the decades in regard to importing , manufacturing , warehousing , and distribution , the company has needed to constantly reinvent itself as the market becomes more and more competitive every year . To launch the same model at this point in time would likely be unsustainable for a startup , but Halsted ’ s 145-year-old roots have given them the advantage of capital , reputation , and a growing network of long-term partnerships with suppliers , customers , and consultants like JGS Insurance .
Warehouses across the country and a new office in India have strategically positioned Halsted to shave freight costs on imports through more efficient logistics decisions and real-time negotiations with overseas freight services . The India office also allows the company to communicate with suppliers in real time and circumvent problems before they impact customers . In transit , Halsted has always taken on the responsibility of handling logistics and mitigating risks such as natural disasters and political unrest on all imported bags . They also maintain backup systems for just about everything and do not deal exclusively with just one country . If something goes wrong in the logistics chain , they now have an enhanced ability to shift gears quickly .
Recently , Halsted has really put a focus on optimization to create the most efficient working environment for expanding global operations . In the last decade , they ’ ve moved from a completely manual record keeping system to becoming almost entirely paperless . Large investments in software like enterprise resource planning have brought everything from inventory control to customer management into one place that is virtually accessible to the entire team from wherever they are .
Quality remains key in the manufacturing process . Although Halsted no longer manufactures its bags , the company is actively present in the global facilities that it purchases from to ensure that the quality of imported bags meets the same standards the company has always held itself to .
As new markets continue to open up for Halsted , the company is exploring new avenues for growth , such as packaging products for big-box retailers . Halsted has excelled thus far in establishing partnerships with high-profile retailers such as The Home Depot , Lowe ’ s , and Ace Hardware in addition to securing contracts with e-commerce companies like Zulily . The company most recently showed off its proclivity for adaptation on Home Shopping Network with its patented DURASACK ®, a multipurpose hauling and storage bag that represents a retail-market evolution of the company ’ s long-perfected woven polypropylene formula .
Loyal customers drive the success of Halsted , and the Murphys don ’ t see the business slowing down anytime soon . At JGS , we are honored to be a longtime partner in maintaining operations and keeping an eye to the horizon for the company as they embark on new endeavors and continue to adapt to an ever-changing global marketplace . We can ’ t wait to see what comes next for the dedicated , innovative , and forward-thinking Halsted team . +
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