Risk & Business Magazine JGS Insurance - Fall 2020 | Page 6

SEA BREEZE SYRUPS IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Sea Breeze Syrups A fourth-generation company, Sea Breeze has a legacy that has been passed down the line since 1925. What started as a basic seltzer delivery service grew into a company that offers one of the most diverse selections of beverage concentrates and syrups known to metro New York and New Jersey. Vice President Josh Sanders says the number of syrup products Sea Breeze offers has exploded in recent years, from sodas to smoothies and even a line of pancake and chocolate syrups, distributed to supermarkets worldwide. Sea Breeze has something for everyone’s tastes, whatever those tastes might be. Sea Breeze, like JGS, prides itself on heritage. Both are family businesses through and through. Sea Breeze was built on the American Dream of Barnet Sanders, who immigrated to the United States from Poland with the dream of building a better future for his family. Today, Sea Breeze provides premium beverages on tap for restaurants, bars, healthcare facilities, schools, catering 6