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“We’ve carefully studied circumstances in which serious accidents occur and determined the three seconds before a task is performed can impact what happens next. The chances of avoiding a serious accident are greatly improved when a worker is conditioned to stop and think about safety before moving forward,” shares Sklar. throughout the U.S. to create customized programs that enhance workplace safety. Through N3L3, Eastern Alliance policyholders can increase employee productivity, improve employee retention and reduce claim costs. Companies, organizations, and government have come a long way in implementing safety programs to help keep employees safe from workplace injuries. But evidence shows while minor accidents have declined, the more serious ones have not. In some industries, serious accidents are on the rise. In many injury cases, the worker, although trained, fails to take proper safety precautions and makes a risky decision that leads to an accident. Eastern Alliance, a workers’ compensation specialist serving companies in the Mid- Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, New England, and Gulf South regions of the United States, has addressed this problem by introducing N3L3 ® – a unique, value- added risk management service whose mission is to change the way a worker thinks about on the job safety. Eastern Alliance developed N3L3 (which stands for “The Next Three Seconds Protects Your Life, Your Loved Ones, Your Livelihood ® ”) to provide proactive education and training to policyholders and their employees in all areas of safety. The goal of N3L3 is to have workers pause and reflect – instinctively – for three seconds so they can identify a potentially dangerous situation and employ safety measures that will ultimately help avoid a fatality or life-changing event. Cindy Sklar, Senior Vice President, Underwriting and Risk Manage- ment, says the N3L3 philosophy helps employers and workers evolve their company culture while thinking differently about workplace hazards. Since launching N3L3, Eastern has worked with organizations Founded in 1997, Eastern Alliance serves the specialty workers’ compensation insurance market with a comprehensive choice of products and services. They’re recognized in the industry for breaking the traditional insurance mold with their fresh thinking and innovative approach to workers’ comp solutions – all of which focus on long-term partnerships, workplace safety, and dedication to returning injured workers to wellness and the dignity of work. To learn more about Eastern Alliance, N3L3, or any other Eastern Alliance product or service, visit www.eains.com.